Essential-C Day Moisture SPF30 | Murad

What does it do for you?

Shields, prevents and protects your skin from damaging and ageing UV rays, free-radical damage and dehydration. The refreshing citrus formula makes skin look radiant, youthful and supple.

The Science behind the Results

Next Generation Vitamin C- Provides 50 times the collagen-building, skin-brightening and cell-protecting power of ordinary topical vitamin C, ensuring you look youthful, firm and illuminated!

Antioxidants- Powerful antioxidants ward off ageing by protecting skin from harmful free radical damage.

Broad Spectrum Sun Protection- Protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

Excellent value for money, the Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30|PA+++ offers broad spectrum protection and shields against free radical damage whilst deeply hydrating and repairing your skin.

The unique formula ensures you won’t need to cake your face with products, leaving skin room to breathe while you feel confident that skin has everything it needs.

How to Use

Every day after cleansing and toning, massage evenly over face, neck and chest. For optimal results, first apply an Environmental Shield® treatment.

Essential-C Day Moisture SPF30

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50ml | £62.00

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