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Lycogel Breathable Concealer provides breathable concentrated coverage to disguise redness, scars, age spots, dark circles, blemishes, bruising and any other problem areas. The triple pigmentation virtually erases imperfections.

Skin specialists and beauty therapists use Lycogel Breathable Concealer, because it is the only concealer that has the ability to promote the healing of damaged or postprocedural skin and is suited for immediate use after cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, laser resurfacing, plastic surgery or dermabrasion.

However, Lycogel Breathable Concealer isn't only for those with special makeup needs: its for everyday use improving the quality and texture of the skin.

Lycogel uses the unique LYCO-Complex technology which contains a carefully balanced set of bio-active agents, including Biodyne Tissue Respiratory Factor (TRF), Skinasensyl, Epicalmin, Phytocelltec, Bois II and Olive leaf extract, combined with the unique triple-silica gel base delivery system.

TRF is a powerful anti-inflammatory and moisturising agent that promotes wound healing. It increases oxygen uptake and stimulates living cells into producing protective enzymes.

The unique and patented triple silica-gel base allows the skin to breathe and under magnification, the makeup appears as a breathable meshwork, allowing air and moisture to reach the skin, resulting in 27.8% more cell respiration (as proven in clinical trials).

Breathable Concealer

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