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This powerful multi-layer topical product has been clinically proven to be effective in helping to correct the appearance of skin discolouration. Advanced Pigment Corrector is a highly effective, safe, full-facial approach to reducing the appearance of stubborn hyperpigmentation and an uneven looking skin tone.

In addition to its efficacy on reducing the overall appearance of hyperpigmentation and dark spots, Advanced Pigment Corrector also helps to boost the appearance of overall skin tone, evenness and radiance.

Helps fade the appearance of stubborn pigmentation.
Improves skin evenness.

Enhances luminosity for renewed radiance.


Featuring an exclusive innovative cocktail of ellagic acid and hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid, this highly effective formula works via four modes of action to provide a multi-layer approach to correcting hyperpigmentation. Effective as a stand-alone cosmeceutical product, Advanced Pigment Corrector can also be used as a complement to clinical procedures and common prescription therapies to help correct the overall appearance of skin discolourations.


Once or twice daily, apply a small amount to a dry face and other affected areas, or as directed by a physician. For morning use, follow with a sunscreen and limit sun exposure.

Advanced Pigment Corrector

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